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  • Doodle On A Motorcycle 5:06
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  • Cruiseman’s Garage 13:20
    Cruiseman's Garage Monimoto 7 review Youtube play button

Amazon reviews

  • Ron Amazon logo

    The setup was very easy and the motion test went well, confirming that the device is properly installed in my motorcycle and paired to the fob. The tracking app is also easy to use for locating my bike's position. I love the fact that the tracker doesn't need to be wired to the bike's and that its own battery can last up to a year, as well as notifying me of low battery so I will know when to change it.

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  • Gerard Amazon logo

    Easy to set up. I think the hardest part about it was choosing the location on the bike in a way that people won't find it very easily. Set up took about 5 minutes as I live in metropolitan Seattle where cell signals are good. I attached a screen shot to show the app information which gives me all the information i need. This is a pretty basic set up that doesn't require it to be wired into the bike which is what I wanted. I've yet to contact customer service so I can't say it's good or bad but this was recommended by the dealership i purchased my bike from. So far, two thumbs up!

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  • Ari Amazon logo

    With all the money, time, effort, and love I've put into my bike, adding the comfort that comes from knowing it's safe was the best decision I've made. It's easy to set up, easy to hide on the bike, and very reasonably priced. I couldn't be happier!

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  • Customer Amazon logo

    Functions s described . The edition also cost is not to bad for the piece of mind . The tracking and monitoring are reliable. Mounting is reasonable but based on how and what you putting it in it can be easy or hard.

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