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How Monimoto tracker works

  • Hide Monimoto device

    1. Hide the tracker

    Conceal the Monimoto tracking device securely on your motorcycle. Place the GPS antenna pointing up for the best signal. The harder your tracker is to find, the better your chances are of recovering your bike if it's stolen.
  • Monimoto auto disarms with key fob nearby

    2. Disarm tracker with the Key Fob

    The Monimoto tracker disarms as soon as it detects your paired Monimoto Key Fob. All you need to do is have the Key Fob with you - no buttons. We suggest carrying it somewhere in your riding gear separately from your keys so you don't lose it.
  • Motorcycle parked with Monimoto

    3. Arm tracker by removing the Key Fob

    As soon as you (and your Monimoto Key Fob) leave your motorcycle behind, the tracker won't be able to detect your Key Fob anymore. When that happens, the tracker arms itself and its motion detector. If anyone - from thieves to rowdy kids - handles your bike, it'll know.
  • Motorcycle being stolen

    4. Tracker sends alert when it detects movement

    When the Monimoto tracker is armed and detects movement, it checks for the Key Fob one last time. If it can't be found, the tracker enters Alarm Mode and sends you notifications about a possible theft in progress.
  • Monimoto calls owner

    5. Tracker calls and sends GPS coordinates

    Within a minute after detecting movement and not detecting your Key Fob, the Monimoto tracker calls you on your phone (caller phone number in the US +18339164006). After that, it will start regularly sending its GPS coordinates to your Monimoto app and will continue updating them until it stops moving. When movement stops, you will receive a notification and after approximately 30 minutes - the final location of the vehicle.
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